Built with passion for winemaking and respect for the land

Our land comprises a valley that is surrounded by five mountains. There are two main access points to the valley between the mountains from which one leads to the sea and it is on the south side and the other leads to the mainland and it is on the north side. The valley is crossed by river Strymon which flows from the north to the south and this river was worshipped as a god while in ancient mythical years.

On the east side of the valley, there is the mythical mountain Paggaion where Orpheus from Thrace used to climb the mountain in order to meet up with his father, the Sun ( being the God Apollon ).

Within a radius of 25 kilometres from our area, one can observe the hill where the ancient city of Amphipolis was built. From this access point towards the sea, one can view Mount Athos and Stageira, the birthplace of Aristotle, the great ancient philosopher.

The vineyards are situated on a semi-mountainous area, on the beautiful hill of Kallintsa, on the front part of Menoikion Mountain.

At an altitude of 160 meters and a stretch of land of 20hectares, we planted 10,8 hectares of vineyards, 2 hectares of olive trees, fig-trees and other fruit-bearing trees.

Our soil is loamy sand with (chalk) calcaire and very rich in organic matter.


The cultivation methods that we use are organic without fertilisers and pesticides and with respect to biodiversity and the balance of the ecosystem.

The wind is a strong ally and is constant. It is referred by Homer as “the wind of Strymon River”. During the day it is a sea breeze that comes from the south and the sea. But during the night the sea breeze stops and is replaced by the northeast wind that cools the plants and contributes to the production of balanced fruits with high nutritional value.

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