Wine In Our Region

Big heritage. Long history. 

Our land has been inhabited since the era that human beings from hunter-gatherers switched to farming. He started storing the food and created the first human societies called “ polismata” or “ polis”. Pentapolis is the name of the village where our vineyards and winery are located and we dedicated one of our wines by giving it the name “ Polis”,

in order to honour the wine growers of this land throughout the centuries.

At the front side of our winery, at a distance of about 1,5 kilometres, on top of a hill, an excavation has started in order to discover a settlement that dates back to 5000-6000 BC It is one of the most ancient settlements in the Balkans and Europe.

At a distance of about 50 kilometres on the East side, near the ancient city of“ Filippoi”, on the location called Dikili tas, a pottery of a household containing decarbonated pressed grapes, as well as pottery for storing and drinking wine, that date back to 4.400 BC were discovered. These consist is the oldest indication of the existence of vinification processes in Europe.

Athanasios Stageiritis, the professor of Greek language and Philosophy in Vienna, in his book titled Ogigia ( 1815 ) divides history into three parts, one being the unveiled part, one the mythical and the last being the historical part.

“When I walk through the vineyards I feel the untold and lost stories,  the ones that have not even arrived to become myths. I think of the myths, particulary the king of Idones, Lykourgo that captivated Dionysus and forced him to work in the vineyards. I think of the mythical Orpheus that climbed Mountain Paggaion with his lyre in his hands. I think of the myth of Sileas who forced passers-by to work in the vineyards.

I reflect on all the historical references to the viticulture wine-drinking.

I think of pieces of fragmented pottery that date back to pre-historical and historical times.

I remember the engravings on the marbles of the Macedonian and Roman era describing the management of vineyards and olive trees and the way that they were passed to next generation. All this reveal that wine dates back to thousands of years ago.

Demosthenes the ancient Athenian rhetor criticising Phillippos, the Macedonian he used to say: “ The people of Thrace are drinking the wine without cutting it with water and they eat a lot of garlic.

In 1840, the village of Pentapolis had 1000 hectares according to official records. In 1935 it had 550 hectares. These vineyards were lost because they were replaced by the cultivation of tobacco and also because of other socio-political reasons.

A few vineyards were left at the village up until we started planting and reviving the old vineyards in 2004. Our first vintage in 2007 revealed to us the great potential of this land.

Big heritage.

Long history.

A great passionate relationship.

The futile effort to find the strength to master the land. Our part throughout the land’s history and a mandate.

A true beauty.