The Winery

The winery is situated across/located inside the fertile valley of Serres which is surrounded by five mountains and crossed by river Strymon. It is built on a hill, on the base of mountain Menoikion and faces mountain Paggaion on the east side, mountain Kerdyllion on the north side, and mountain Dyssoron and mountain Belles on the west side.

This site has been inhabited since approximately 5000 BC mainly because of the favourable climate conditions. The mild sea breeze coming from ancient Amphipolis thought the day and the cold breeze coming from mountain Menoikion throughout the night contribute to the creation of a special microclimate in the area. During ancient times a lot of historical references have been made to the fruits of this land.

Furthermore, in the winery there is 300 sq.m. of space for the vinification of grapes which is equipped with up-to-date machinery, essential for quality winemaking.

There is also a cellar for ageing the wines. In the underground, the wines mature under stable temperature and humidity conditions in oak barrels made of Balkan wood. Balkan oak is specifically selected from the wider area of Thrace in order to maintain the character of the region and the uniqueness of wines. We select the wood ourselves in order to preserve the organoleptic characteristics of the wines of the estate and create a harmonious combination. The d├ęcor of the cellar where the wines age has been made with natural materials, pebbles from river Strymon and traditional red brick.

In the winery, there is also a laboratory for chemical analysis, quality control and research, fully equipped for the monitoring and improvement of production.

winery front
cellar door