Our History

Domaine Nerantzi

dates back to 1988 when winemaking started as a passionate expression of the love for wine coming from the desire to revive our tradition and culture passed to us from older generations in a modern way. Going through all these years the family arrived at making wines of distinction and reaching markets around the world.
The first wine.


In 1988 we have created our first wine, carrying on the tradition of our parents and grandparents. Up until 1998, the production of wine was mainly intended for our own consumption.


The first establishment of our company.
1998first company

In 1998 we set up our winery by making use of 1,3 hectares of vineyards that we owned in the area of Eptamili in Serres. Our winery was the first to officially launch bottled wine in the prefecture of Serres, the land of river Strymon.

Rescue of the grape varieties, Asprouda and Koniaros.


During this same period, we have managed to save, file and get official recognition for the two important indigenous grape varieties, Asprouda Serron and Koniaros. With our own initiative, we managed to get official recognition for the indication ‘Appellation of Origin’ for the Region of Serres. 

Thus we became the first winery to represent land, with a great history as a wine region. This beautiful land is surrounded by five mountains and stretches throughout the valley of the river Strymon up to the point that the river reaches the coast of the ancient city of Amphipolis.

Evanthia takes up the family business.

As long as Evanthia decides to become a winemaker, the family makes the decision to upgrade the existing winery to a significant extend.

When Evanthia begins her studies in Chemistry at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, the family sets to revive the famous old vineyards of Pentapolis.

New winery.


The planning and construction of the new winery on our vineyards in Pentapolis commences.

First harvest in Pentapolis.
harvest 2

In 2007 the first wine harvest takes place in Pentapolis.

Exports begin.

The distinctions in international competitions soon followed together with the first exports of the wines: 7 gold medals and 3 silver medals in the International Competition of Berlin, Germany, 1 silver in Dusseldorf, Germany and 1 bronze in Montpellier, France.

Winery expansion.
new construction

We started upgrading the winery by adding an underground cellar, new wine tasting rooms and a restaurant as well as new chemical laboratory for quality assurance checks.

Evanthia breathed new life into the endeavour, after graduating from the University of Burgundy in France and returning to the winery.

The winery today.
F new panoramio 2016 1

Today the winery is located on an estate that covers 20 hectares, of which 10,8 hectares are vineyards. We have also planted olive trees, fig-trees and other fruit-bearing trees. The winery showcases a magnificent land that has been inhabited since 5000 BC. It is open to visitors and has wine-tasting rooms. There is also a venue for hosting events.