The Winemaking Process

We use a minimalistic approach to winemaking, showcasing each varietals best characteristics.

Wine, at its essence, is a snapshot of the ecology of the vineyard, the slope, soil, exposure, wind, sun, grape variety and weather that particular year.

In each and every Νerantzi bottle of wine you will find a succinct expression of the vineyard.

Year in and year out we produce wines from the same vines, in the same cellars, by the same people which is the purity of expression  of a true “vineyard wine”.

We are monitoring grape development and determine the best time to harvest the grapes ensuring that they are at their peak for colour, taste and quality, only then we handpick the grapes

The potential of this land is great. With sandy loam and clay and limestone deeper in the soil it gives grapes of distinct profile, concentrated, structured and rich in colour with balanced acidity and fine freshness.

We carefully select barrels to enhance the unique characteristics of our wines. We aim to produce authentic genuine products by being more of a guardian of the fruit rather than a manipulator of the wine.